Thursday, October 01, 2009

Last night's pizza

Last night was pizza night. Fortunately I had some dough in the freezer, which was a good thing because I was sore and tired after a long session in the garden planting, weeding and then digging up and transplanting a large amount of this years garlic bulbs which had split and started sprouting. There will be a lot of garlic next summer! I couldn't transplant all of it, but should be able to get it finished over the weekend, along with more garden cleanup. I'm so glad that I opted out of the December TRAC tour! There's way too much to do around here and I didn't want to rush a firing just to fill my gallery shelves. I haven't even cleaned my kiln shelves from the last firing! :-(

I took Bonnie kitty out with me to the garden yesterday and had a hard time coaxing her back in. She definitely wants to be an outdoor kitty; but she's too young and there are way too many predators around. After losing two cats this year, I'm being super careful with her.

All the gardening didn't give leave much energy for the studio, although I did manage to get in and trim and wax two more platters. This afternoon we're taking a leisurely drive on the Blue Ridge parkway to the Folk Art Center in Asheville to attend the reception to Cynthia Bringle and Norm Schulman, honoring them as North Carolina living treasures. Hopefully this morning fog will lift and we'll have a lovely, scenic drive.

My tiny test kiln didn't fire yesterday - something tripped the switch in the box and we didn't find out till this morning that our auxiliary fridge in the kiln room had also been turned off. I'll have to wait a few days, when I can be around all day to keep an eye on it, to fire it again.

Well time to make a few batches of pesto for the freezer. With temperatures going down to the low 40's last night, it was time to harvest the basil which doesn't do well with cold nights. If I have time after that, I'll get to the studio for an hour or so.


  1. Hi June Jason here, im on vacation these next 10 days and my 32nd birthday will be in 5 days. With all the garlic and basil being grown by u, a nice garlic and basil pizza drizzled with olive oil on the top would be a great lunch pizza, served with a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvigion. Robert Mondavi has a great Cabernet for around $10-12, and its very dry which will accompany the sweetness of the garlic and basil.

  2. Bonnie sounds like precious she wants to go outdoors as well but i worry about fleas so i keep her inside at all times. She tries to sneak out but she's not slick enough when i'm around....LOL

  3. Even though Bonnie lives indoors most of the time, I still give her the anti flea/tick medication because I'm concerned that Bodhi might bring some in on his coat.