Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Becky Gray booth photo

I found the other photo of Becky Gray's booth at the Spruce Pine Potters Market - knew it was in there somewhere!

Finding time for this soda/salt/wood/glaze/slip notebook project in between cooking, animal and plant care, computer work, etc. is going to take a lot longer than I thought because I'm scanning the recipe notebooks as I go and am adding more recipes to it than I originally planned.

Found out yesterday that one of my fluorescent fixtures is broken so I need to replace it. Since I have to go to Spruce Pine for it, I've made out my shopping list for Friday's porch sitting with friends and will get that food shopping done as well.

Bodhi had one of his epileptic seizures yesterday which lasted a long time. It scared the heck out of both of us, but by late afternoon he had bounded back as though nothing had happened. This poor little guy has had a tough life, being abandoned twice, and obviously abused by his last owner, dealing with the epilepsy as well as his very timid, fearful nature. We just love him to pieces. How could you not! He's so sweet and gentle and eager to please and so needy!

There was still some leftover chickenso I made a chicken salad this morning with grapes, pecans, apples, celery, onion, mayo, etc. and we'll have that as a light dinner since we're planning on having lunch out.

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