Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some of my little nature's treasures

I was inspired by Joy Tanner's picture of her studio collection of shells, etc, to take a picture of my little treasures - sea shells, bits and pieces of driftwood, eucalyptus pods, and stones. We potters, I think, tend to be scroungers of natures bounty. My husband gets a kick of my posture when walking in the woods or on the beach, because my head is always down looking for those little treasures.

Yesterday I got in a bit of studio and garden time before heading out to dinner. I finally got the rest of the garlic dug up and replanted and planted the crape myrtle which took forever since I was digging through 8" or more or gravel from the old driveway. From one hole, large enough for 3 gallon plant, I wound up with 3, 3 gallon buckets of gravel to dispose of from the hole! My late bush beans are coming in with great abundance, so I'll have to prep some of them for the freezer this afternoon. The only studio time I got yesterday was cleaning a wheel and washing a bunch of bats, so I'll try to get in there this afternoon.

After a nice lunch Thursday at the new "Knife and Fork" restaurant in Spruce Pine, we went back there for again last night for dinner, which was lovely. We will definitely make it part of our regular dining out experience.

This morning we're going to the Spruce Pine Potters market. Their menu is enticing, so we'll definitely have an early lunch there before heading home.


  1. Have you collected fossils yet?

  2. When I lived in S.California I used to collect my own clam, oyster, etc fossils. The top of the San Fernando valley was loaded with them from the time that area was under the ocean.