Saturday, October 03, 2009

Japan potter's gallery

This was an exquisite gallery. As mentioned earlier, the potters name and location info has long been lost.

Slept in a bit after a great porch sitting with friends last night; but I got the test tiles and new stamps out of the one tiny test kiln into the other and am firing it now. Seems the sensor inside the kiln sitter died. This has happened before, so I'll have to take it apart and order another one. That's what probably kicked off the plug a couple of days ago, which also affected our auxilary fridge, so I'm going to keep a watchful eye on it today to make sure it's not an electrical problem in the plug or line.

Since we were off partying last night, we taped the final show of the PBS National parks series, which we're watching now.

My beans are soaking for tonight's bean and corn bread supper. I'll get the veggies that go in the beans prepped while watching this video, so I can get some studio or garden time this afternoon.


  1. Hi June, Jason here with a dish that I had at my gf's house, her mom made a white kidney bean soup with the beans, peppers, carrots and other spices and stuff, oh man this is real comfort food, especially done in the crock pot. U and Jim should try this one since the cold weather is upon u. A great wine I would serve with this soup is a Chardonay or a White Zinfindel to compliment the sweetness of the soup.

  2. Soup is definitely comfort food. Sounds good.