Monday, October 05, 2009

Japan potter using coil throw method

Here's a potter from Southern Japan(may be Kyushu). Many of the potters here were of Korean descent. Their ancestors, I was told, wound up being the spoils of war, kidnapped and brought to Japan for their skills. I put the photo of one this potters finished pots first, followed by a series of shots showing the process.

This is one of those strange starts to the day! A headache woke me around 3:45am, and while reaching for the bottle of Tylenol, I knocked over a glass of water, waking up Jim and our critters. The water landed on the side of the bed and into my slippers, which are now a soggy, cold mess. Is this sounding like a Rube Goldberg cartoon, or what! LOL The good news is the Jim and critters went back to sleep. The bad is that I'm still awake. It's going to be a long day unless I can manage to sneak in a nap at some point.

Yesterday I got the kiln room swept and got half my kiln shelves cleaned; but ran out of energy since my grinding disk was too worn to do the job and I wound up hand grinding them which didn't make my back or shoulders happy. Tylenol and I are becoming good buddies lately! I did manage enough energy to make a nice roast chicken, mashed potato, green beans and corn on the cob dinner. Everything but the chicken was from my garden. I won't have to cook tonight or tomorrow since I have plenty of beans and cornbread leftover and enough leftovers from last night chicken dinner.

After dinner Jim and I took turns with our latest toy - a Max Pro massage. That is one powerful, deep massaging tool! John from Crimson Laurel Gallery recommended it highly and I was able to find one on Ebay at a great price. Between that and Tylenol, I think Ill be able to keep this worn body fairly comfortable with all I ask it to do.

I need to get a replacement disk for my angle grinder so I can finish cleaning those kiln shelves. So a trip to Johnson City is on the agenda this morning.

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  1. Hey June, Jason here, well the week is upon me and still on vacation, its very humid here today and well I was praying for some cooler weather, shucks. Anyways mom made a great pasta dinner last night and well the cabernet is now finished cant wait to open the bottle of Southern Red from the Lake Ridge Wine Bottlers. They make the wine out in Clermont Florida, which is about a good hour from me, and there prices are about oh $12-$20 a bottle, but if u like a sweeter wine this one and Southern White will be a pleasure to serve with any dinner u make.