Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My ebay stamp purchase

I won the bid on this antique, wooden stamp on ebay yesterday. Anyone know if that's Tibetan or Chinese, or???? writing in the center. I thought it would be nice on some slab pieces with a transparent glaze like Amber celadon, etc.

We're getting a bit of sun peeking through after a rainy night. Yesterday we had a lovely drive over the mountain to Tennessee to do some shopping. There are hints of the great fall color to come and I think in a week to ten days we should be close to peak color.

Jim and I had a large lunch at the Indian buffet and then make several shopping stops at Home Depot, Sam's Club, Ross for Less etc. He got the squeegie he wanted and I got the replacement disk for my angle grinder so I can finish cleaning my kiln shelves today and a few other items for the studio. I was hoping to work right after breakfast, but the morning has slipped by with letter writing to family and catching up on emails. Since I'm still sore from hand scraping those shelves two days ago, I'm not feeling terribly motivated at the moment; but I will head out there as soon as I post this and take my morning vitamins.

Today's studio time will be finishing scraping kiln shelves and moving them into the studio and taking down the bag wall and cleaning out the fire box. Dinner is going to be easy - roast chicken dinner leftovers. After a big lunch yesterday I opted for buttered, salted popcorn with parmesan and cayenne for dinner, so we have two leftover meals for tonight and tomorrow night.

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  1. Hey June, Jason here, You and Jim sure do like that Indian Buffet a lot, kinda of like me and sushi at my favorite chinese buffet place. Anyways tomorrow is my birthday, 32 years old and well kinda of nervous and happy, hopefully going to make 32 an age to remember when im in my 60's and 70's, lol. Tonight I made buffalo chicken burgers for mom, and I had my southern red from Lakeridge to break down the spiciness of the hot sauce i put into the burgers. The receipe calls for 1 package of ground chicken, 2 celery stalks diced finely, 2 packets of instant oatmeal regular flavor, 2 scallions diced, and hot sauce. Mix that up real good, then flatten them into burgers, grill them like regular hamburgers and serve on a bun with blue cheese dressing and if u want more spicy more hot sauce. I would serve this with a sweeter wine like the Southern Red, or a Merlot to balance out the spiciness.
    Hava a good day.