Monday, January 01, 2007



Here are a few pictures from the last soda firing. The top of the kiln is still too hot after a few bag wall and chimney adjustments, so I'm going to add at least another foot to the chimney to try to resolve this uneven firing.
It's been a very busy year of studio work and ongoing household and garden projects which will extend into 2007; but the house and studio and grounds are coming along nicely. I'm definitely looking forward to spring and the fruits of all my planting!
Got my new Wolf range installed a couple of days ago and now all that the kitchen needs are new counter tops and a new sink to be finished.
In the spring we'll be lifting part of the gambrel roof in the upstairs bathrooms and redoing them, so they'll be more user friendly to to the tall members of this family.

Hope everyone had a great 2006 and has an even better 2007!