Monday, June 27, 2016

Home Sweet Home

My surgeon pushed my walking on full weight on my healing fractured leg up a few weeks,  so I decided to home home a little over a week ago. I can walk a lot on my own in the house, but uusally use the cane when heading down the steps and while in the garden.

I was amazed at how OK the garden looked other than a lot of weeds and a huge amount of lettuce that was about 18" high and going to seed , as well as a few other spent veggies that had to be pulled. My good friend Kay came over to help me Monday and it was amazing how much we got done in a short time in the veggie garden. We both weeded and I planted while Kay hauled off the weeds and other debris.

Since then I've been gardening a bit every day, but those 3 hr sessions for a few days proved to be too much and my aching leg kept waking me at night. So now, I'm doing a bit less each day and spreading it out in two sessions or so.

Today was my easiest day in this 90 degree weather. In the morning I pulled some weeds and planted the last rose and before dinner, I did some hand watering, a bit more weeding, harvested some broccoli, fava beans and some berries and staked a few of the tomatoes. Even at 5:30 it was too hot out there to stay much longer, and I still had to go in and cook dinner.

My barn has been infested with rats, and that's the other job I've been doing - trapping them. Definitely not my favorite thing to do, but they've been so destructive in there getting into bags of expensive organic fertilizers, and even eating through plastic bottles of olive oil, ketchup, knocking light bulbs and cans and other things off shelves, etc. etc. Enough was enough! There's going to be a huge cleanup in there once I get caught up with the rest of my garden work, and get enough of these destructive vermin out of there.

Pottery is not even on my mind at the moment other than wondering how in the world I'll ever be able to get back to it in this place. The best I could hope for is trying to make a minimal, dismal, damp, low ceiling 100 year old basement with no reasonable way to drain water, work somehow with minimal storage, minimal tools and work surfaces. The rat infested barn, was a possibility but it's so open and I can't invest in closing it up to make it work, just to make a few pots now and then.  At least the basement has water coming in, but no inexpensive way to get it out, and it's also cool down there this time of year; but would be too cold in the winter.

Part of me is thinking this just may be the time to hang it all up; but maybe I'll feel differently when I am healed and can get the house organized and sells a lot of furniture and other items that don't fit this smaller house and garage.

Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been reading blogs much the past month, so I guess I'll have to, to catch up with how you all are doing!