Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Well, it's taken almost a year to get the studio finally finished and organized and to get the final touches done to the kiln. I had my first firing last month and we got some nice pots out of there even though I wasn't happy with the temperature gaps; but a friend, Will Baker, is using my kiln this week and we'll make some bag wall adjustments, and hopefully that will give us a more even firing.
We've also been very busy this spring with a major landscaping project - ripping out the front lawn, laying stone paths, having stone terraces built and slowly getting them planted. I've been doing the planting in between making pots and taking care of other household and garden additions and alterations, so it's been slow going.
I also just finished participating in my first Toe River Arts Council studio tour which was a great experience. We had great weather and decent turn out, particularly since I'm the new kid on the block. My husband Jim figured that 40% of the people who came make purchases and considering that there are over 80 craftspeople on the tour, I was pleased to have that kind of response.
We got a good start on a mailing list and am looking forward to getting more pots made for the Christmas tour as soon as I get all this planting finished this month!
Look below for some pictures of the landscape project and the newly fired kiln load.