Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baileys sytem 3 pneumatic extruder and other equipment for sale

Our house has been sold and we've bought a new one in Southern Oregon so that we could be closer to our son and his family, and we'll be moving within the next four weeks. I don't have room for some of my larger equipment, so I'm looking to sell some pieces. Here's a photo of the Bailey System 3 Extruder pneumatic extruder. I've been carting this around for years and used once when I first got it, just to test it. I recently just bought a big compressor hoping to finally start putting it to work, but family illness has necessitated this move, and I'd have a hard time using it in my next space. I'm also throwing in the brand new, large compressor. The Bailey system alone costs over $1500, and I'm selling it for $1000 and including free, the big, new compressor. The extruder comes with the expansion box as well as the smaller box, and the cut off stand. Dies are not included, since I'm hoping to replace this unit with a manual one.
If someone has a manual Bailey, I would take that in trade, plus the difference from the two.

I'm also selling a Soldner studio clay mixer. It's in great shape. New it sells for $4,485 (Axners price)and I'm selling it for $2,000. I'm also selling my Bluebird Powerstar De-airing pug mill for $2000.(it's $5207). I'd also be willing to trade this for a smaller one like Peter Pugger, with a little cash compensation to even it out a bit. I don't have a need for a pug mill with this much output.

This equipment is all in great shape and if you're interested you can email me at: