Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well, I'm finally getting back to work! My hip is still a mess,as a result of the bad fall which gave me a badly sprained ankle along with a possible stress fracture; but I can't sit and plant with this rain (which is the only physical activity I've been able to do since this happened), so I'm heading for the studio today to do some throwing - at last!
It's been an incredibly busy summer of planting while sitting, and planning our new first floor master suite. (If you missed the story behind the accident that started this project and your have a lot of time on your hands, you can scroll down for the details!) :-)
I thought I was almost done planting and then the earth moving machinery arrived last week along with the bad news that all the plantings I had put in on the hillside behind the house had to be dug up so they could grade. So now those plants are waiting for the first dry day for me to get started on the replanting!
Since I've been very antsy to get back to work, any planting is only going to be alloted an hour or two on any given day so I can get in studio time.
I also have a new EZCube and want to get a few more pictures of some pots to put up on my web site. That's the other thing I've been doing this past week - trying to redo the web site. I'm a lot happier with the home page now; but it will take a while to finish it. Wish I knew more about HTML so I could create the page that is in my mind!
The unintended consequence of the accident was that I had all this time to plant,since it was something I could do sitting down; and my garden is looking incredible this year with all the new plantings. This is year 2 for most of the garden and I'm amazed how well it's doing, especially since I lost so many roses due to the early summery weather followed by a hard frost which killed and badly injured many plants. Even the Japanese maples, a couple of other shrubs and some of the fruit trees which looked dead are showing signs of new life! So our losses weren't as great as we first thought. I will have to replace a couple of fruit trees; but that's all.
Well,that's it for this month. I'll try to get some garden pictures taken as soon as the sun comes out again and post them here. We've been getting a lot of much needed rain this week and last, which is most welcome!