Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here are a couple of pictures of the new master wing I designed. Also, since my toddling around with a cane isn't conducive for physical labor, I've also been working on my web page. Here's the URL:

There are some photos in the gallery of the last firing.
Well, the new addition is done and looks fabulous; and it was completed just in time for this bad hip of mine. I'm having hip replacement surgery on April 8th, so full time studio work is going to have to wait until the summer.
I did get in the studio the other day to just throw some test tiles; but most of my time is not being spent taking 35 years of save glaze recipes (numbering over ten thousand now), and hand copying them into studier, hard cover notebooks.
As I'm going through these glazes, I've been adding more soda/slip slip and glaze recipes to the text files in the Yahoo soda/salt group I started a while back.