Saturday, August 09, 2008

Well, the studio is somewhat organized, at least organized enough to actually throw a couple of pots. My friend John Britt invited me to put some pots in his upcoming oil spot firing and that gave me the impetus to sit down at the wheel and see how it would go. I was concerned that my new hip might present a problem with throwing, but so far so good!
The garden weeds are taking over but I just couldn't stay out of the studio a minute longer to pull weeds! It's taking enough of my time processing all the veggies I planted! So I'm back to a regular studio schedule - finally!
We're having an incredible summer here in the mountains but the the local katydids that forewarn frost, have been making their noises for a couple of weeks now, so if it's true that they start their cacophony six weeks prior to the first frost, we may be getting that frost the beginning of September rather around mid October.
Well, lunch break is over and I'm heading back to work.

Till later,