Saturday, April 11, 2015

Still on the planet

Just thought I'd check in to let you all know I'm still on the planet - a bit beaten up but like the energizer bunny, but still going.

These days there's no time for anything but taking care of my husband, pets, house and garden.- barely on the garden part. I did manage to at least plant some new June bearing strawberries, lettuce, arugula, parsley, peas, shallots, kale and  fava beans. The normally filled with hardy annuals containers are sitting abandoned at the moment; but I'm hoping to find time and energy to brighten things up in the coming weeks.

The only fun, exciting thing I've done in months was to get some new electronic toys - a video camera, and another gizmo to watch more non network, non cable TV for which I have to pick up a HDMI cable today to get it working. These days we only go out for hospital and doctors visits, so TV has become the source of entertainment and distraction from the pains and perils of old age.

Yesterday I setup the new Samsung laser, wireless printer and now I don't have to walk to the far end of the house, laptop in hand, to use the printer. With me now being responsible for all the chores, I really have to be stingy about how many footsteps I take in the day. Bodhi is almost used to me taking him for very short potty breaks. When he gave me one of his forlorn looks yesterday, as if to say, "dad took me on long walks all the time", I told him that he should have adopted a younger family!

Our oven died and since the other ten plus, year old appliances may have soon followed,  we now have a brand new S.S. Fridge, dishwasher, oven and microwave. Jim pushed me to replace them all. In his words "what are we saving it for, the worms?" So I did my homework, and called Lowe's. With sales, and their veteran's 10% discount we saved a lot; and a charity has two, still working well, appliances. I put the old fridge in the garage and have no idea how I found space for it. Of course now, I have to find space for the work table I pushed aside to make room for the fridge; but that, like so many other little chores and projects will just have to wait.

Between his failing health and my bad hip and my  recent fall causing a badly sprained, maybe broken foot, I feel lucky that the fall caused the injury on my bad hip side, so I could still hobble around with my cane. Jim's care is the top priority these days and my new hip will just have to wait. The studio sits like a memorial to what used to be and I haven't even had time to make any soap since December.

On the plus side, we've had our daughter and son-in-law visiting and helping out for a week; and our son has been an amazing help as well, flying up every 3 weeks and getting someone to do things like grocery shopping, etc for us. Jim's sister and husband were here a couple of days, then off to California for a couple and will be back tonight for a goodbye visit before they leave Sunday. I promised them margaritas and pizza; but ran out of time yesterday to make my pizza dough so we'll just have to settle for guacamole and nachos tonight!