Sunday, October 04, 2009

Some October blooming flowers

Here are some of the flowers still blooming - clematis, calendula, dahlias(a bit chewed up by the slugs and snails) and coreopsis.

Had a good day yesterday - did a bunch of weeding, planted a few more cloves of garlic, and pulled all but one of the tomato cages up which Jim stored neatly in the wood shed. It was a great day for garden work. There are still quite a few flowers still blooming in the garden. As you can see, we still have a lot of flowers still blooming, and the colder weather has a lot of the roses blooming as well. The garden as a whole looks pretty scruffy this time of year which makes these few holdouts even more welcome.

Yesterday morning I got the unfired test tiles and stamps out of the tiny test kiln that died a few days ago and into my other test kiln. It was still on at 11pm, after firing for about 12-13 hours!. Both kilns are rated for cone 10, but the newer one has never gotten up to that temperature. Both are going to need looking at. The old one, which is around 30 years old, has had the sensor replaced several times and the coils only once. This little kiln is beaten up but has certainly given me my money's worth over the years. I even had Nils Lou make me a tiny propane burner so I could do some reduction in it.

I'm planning on a lazy Sunday - reading the Sunday papers after a pancake breakfast and then making a roast chicken, mashed potato dinner this afternoon. After breakfast I'll unload those few bisqued tiles and stamps and maybe do a bit of kiln room clean up, and get the kiln shelves scraped and moved into the studio.

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  1. The flowers are beautiful. Boy you had a very busy day like me . But i'm so drained the dining hall was very busy we were short handed and we had the unit 514 and the 108. Andi made about 30 deli wraps, 15 sandwiches, and 5 hogies, i should own a WAWA...LOL