Monday, October 12, 2009

Spruce Pine Potters Market - Linda McFarling

Here's that last shot of Linda McFarling's display at the Spruce Pine Potters Market. I don't know why Blogger had such problems yesterday; but trying to upload those 2 photos yesterday took me about 2 hours.

Today is a full studio day. I got in there for a while yesterday to pull a couple of handles and finish a couple of mugs and move all the raw pots off one of the ware carts and slab roller which is going to be used as the food table for Wednesday's Clay Club's meeting and pot luck. Today I'll be sweeping, mopping the floor and do more tidying.

My studio is pretty crammed full of equipment and tools but I think I'll have enough floor space for all of us to move around freely. After we eat and mull around a bit, we'll go into the house to see some of the pots in our private collection.

Since I'll be in the studio most of the day I'm just going to make a quick, easy, pot sticker dinner. It will be a nice light, comfort food meal on this rainy day. Tomorrow is the only non rainy day this week, so Jim and I are going to drive north of Banner Elk to enjoy the fall color, have lunch and pick up some things at the Mast General store.

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  1. June thanks for the pics of Linda's pots... they have the official "tasty" seal of approval.