Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gay Smith at Spruce Pine Potters Market

Here's Gay Smith's booth at the Spruce Pine Potters market. I soooo want a pair of those amazing candlesticks. Gay's work is  soda and single fired porcelain - unique, strong forms decorated with some brilliant glazes and warm flashing slips.

Yesterday was a heavy duty gardening day. I harvested beans, peppers, winter squash, cherry tomatoes and swiss chard and got the bush beans and peppers covered with remay in expectation of some snow tonight and freezing temperatures in the next couple of days. The beans are still producing, so it was worth taking the time to cover them. I also did a lot of weeding, some dead heading and planted a few perennials.

Jim took most of the tropical plants indoors and carted off my piles of picked weeds and trimmings.  There are still bulbs to plant and more garden cleanup to do, but that will have to wait till next week when the temperatures will be back up to the 60's.

We had another lovely dinner with friends at the new "Knife and Fork" restaurant in Spruce Pine. It's so nice to have a decent restaurant, serving wine, only 20 minutes away!

This morning we're having breakfast out and then heading to Walmart for a replacement iron pot that I need for making my "no knead" bread. The first one cracked the second time I used it. When we get home I have to prep some of the beans for the freezer and feed my sourdough starter. I might even try the new, faster version of "no knead bread" if I have the time.At some point I have to get down to the basement, reset the timers, turn on the grow lights and set the plants on the tables.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some studio time tomorrow, since there's no way I'll be able to find any time for the studio today.

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