Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michael Hunt and Naomi Daiglish

Here's some photos from the Spruce Pine Pottery Market - these are of Michael Hunt and Naomi Dailgish's wonderful wood fired work.

It's raining again - what else is new! LOL

I spent 2 hours chatting with my friend McKenzie who called from Florida and now I'm making a check list of what I still have to do to be ready for Clay Club at 6:30. Things are pretty well ready to go other than cooking my ribs and reheating the barbecue beans and getting the wine opened and the sodas in the cooler.

Since Jim doesn't want to hang around during the meeting, so he's opting for dinner at the Inn at Little Switzerland; but he is hoping there will be some leftover ribs for him to have tomorrow.

Time to get to the studio and make sure I'm set up for tonight.


  1. Hi June.

    Chris here. How are you? Me doing well. Well it's been a while. I donated a dollar to your friend Liz with Non-Hodgkins Lymphomia last month, and will donate some more money this month. It's a good cause indeed. Was considering buying your pot on, but got sold.

    Today is my 27th birthday also. How is your husband Jim doing? I hope he is better. Tell him I wish him a speedy recovery.

    You folks are very kind. Take care and bless yous.

    All my best,
    Chris Kennedy
    Brick, NJ

  2. Spruce Pine Pottery looks awesome. The vase in the picture looks cool. Wish if I could buy this online. The give away look is so cool.

  3. Why don't you contact Michael Hunt. He has web presence. Just google "Bandana Pottery" and you can get the url. I'm pretty sure he'd be glad to ship it to you if it's still available.