Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Japan - some pots from Karatsu

Here are a couple of pictures of pottery from Karatusu. The fish bottles were freshly decorated, unfired.

Yesterday I got the rest of the kiln shelves cleaned and stored, took down the bag wall, cleaned out the kiln, set up the new "T" brick formation in front of each burner, which will be in lieu of a normal bag wall, got the rest of the kiln furniture cleaned and stored, re-swept the kiln room, cleaned one wheel, drilled a bunch of bats and swept part of the studio.

Jim is taking my osteo appointment this afternoon, since his pulled back seems to have gotten worse in two weeks. While we're out I need to stop and get a bunch of paper napkins, plates, etc. for the Clay Club meeting at my studio next week. Hopefully we'll get back in time for me to get an hour or so in the studio before dinner. I still have a wheel to clean and some clay scraps and reclaim to deal with and lots of little things to tidy up.

It's leftover beans and cornbread tonight, which will be a perfect light supper after a big lunch at the Japanese restaurant.


  1. June I hope Jim is going to recover from that back injury soon, as ur friend I hate to see him hurt. Oh with the beans tonight if u want a good wine, Chardonay or Chenin Blanc would be very good with dinner tonight. Give him my best ok.


  2. Thanks June for the Karatusu pictures.. I will be building a kiln there next fall and gathering all the info on the area I can find.

  3. i took a workshop with Takashi Nakazato in VT at malcom Davis studio years ago and really loved the RIO brushwork he did. It inspired me to pursue a similar brushwork that i still aspire to. The Karatsu piece with the stem and leaf motif is similar to what Takashi painted during his workshop.

  4. I love those Karatsu pieces. How lucky for you to be able to take a workshop with Takashi Nakazato!
    That bowl I posted, reminded me of your work! Save that bird mug for me. If you let me know when I can come pick it up, I'll drive over. Sorry you can't make Clay Club this Wednesday!