Monday, October 19, 2009

The face of frost (winter arrived overnight!)

Here are a couple of pictures taken from my front porch this morning.  28degrees F has taken it's toll on the peach tree and everything else. I'm not even sure the remay covered beans, tomatoes and peppers have survived this freeze. It's going down to 30 tonight; but tomorrow and for the next ten days we're supposed to be frost free. In fact, the daytime temperature tomorrow is going to be 70F, so we'll probably be out doing more garden cleanup.

Yesterday I harvested the tender veggies,covered some with remay, cut more herbs for drying, mulched a lot of plants and dug up some Thai basil and a tender fern and brought them down to the basement  for the winter. After breakfast I'll  re-pot them and put them under the grow lights. I also got the 4 sets of lights set up yesterday, cleaned the potting tables and tidied all the indoor potting supplies. 

In the morning, I tried the new, faster "no knead" bread recipe. It came out alright; but only because I waited 9 1/2 hours instead of the 3-4 suggested before baking it. I'll have to watch the you tube video again on this new method, because I think that I'll have to add more yeast along with the hot water and red wine vinegar suggestions to make this shorter version work. I'm going to pull some leeks from the garden after breakfast to  make a warm vichyssoise for dinner. It's definitely good weather for soup.

Since I harvested more swiss chard, I decided to add it to last nights dinner. I finally found a healthy, chard recipe that Jim would eat and even like! It's made with onion sauteed in olive oil, chopped chard leaves, raisins, salt a tiny bit of water and chopped, sauteed almonds.

 If I have the time, after lunch I'll try to get in some studio time.


  1. Hi June, Jason here, and with all that swiss chard that You have may I recommend a Chardonay with that or a White Zinfedel, might be a good match with that dish.

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  3. I can't drink most white wines. They're too acidic for my system.

  4. Oh ok, well a red cabernet will do fine, or if u want a lighter tatse a merlot of any maker will do fine.