Thursday, October 08, 2009

Karatsu Japan Plate

Here's one more of the Karatsu pots. The picture is terrible, but I liked the form and decoration enough, that I thought readers might enjoy it. The feeling of this pot reminds me of Michael Kline's beautiful work.

It's the coolest morning so far this month; but the sun is shining and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day to be out and about.

The doctor said Jim tore some ligaments in his lower back. That was the good news; but the bad is that this sort of thing takes 7 weeks to heal, so he has 5 more weeks to go. She gave us both an anti inflammatory cream prescription which we'll get filled today. Fortunately, I'm a bit further along in my healing; but at our ages, the last thing you want is to have both partners hobbling around with injuries! It's not conducive to getting anything done requiring a lot of strength or mobility, as in Jim's case.

We're off to the groomers later this morning, then need to do some shopping, pick up our prescriptions, have lunch, pick up our clean dog, and head home.

Don't see how I'm going to squeeze in any studio time today, unless we get home before 3. Then I might be able to get an hour or two of studio time before dinner, which is leftover almond chicken.

After breakfast I need to get some potted plants indoors and under the grow lights in the basement. Jim can't carry anything right now and I can only manage 3 gallon or smaller pots at this point. This chore is going to have to be spread out over a few days. My potted avocado tree is at least 8' tall now. Fortunately the studio is over 11 feet if I have to keep it till I can find another home for it. ! I need to find someone with a greenhouse who wants a free avocado tree. Any takers?

It's going down to the low thirties early next week, so I am going to have to get all these tropical plants and fruit trees indoors, and tender veggies like the bush beans that are still producing, covered with remay, in the next 3 days.

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