Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Becky Gray at Spruce Pine Potters Market

Here's the only shot I got of Becky Gray's booth; but you can see more of her wonderful figurative sculptures at:

The sun is shining after a lot of rain overnight, so I may just get out in the afternoon for a little walk with Bodhi and  see if there are any mushrooms to be found.

Still dealing with swollen glands, etc., so I'm going to stay out of the studio and continue my glaze/slip recipe project of transferring favorite slip and glaze recipes out of the ten thousand I have, into one notebook for easy reference. That's going to take a day or more to complete, along with a few other little projects I need to finish.

Jim  had to return the light timers because they only took a two prong plug, so I have to get the new ones set up today and get studio and basement plants watered. Some of the herbs I've been drying need to be removed from their stems and labeled and stored. There are always non studio things to tend to.

We'll finish the chicken soup tonight - glad I made a big pot!


  1. Is that Noah's Ark it looks very nice and how much was she aelling it for??? And you take care of that swoolen gland. GO Phillies!!

  2. I never checked the price. There's a lot of work in that piece, so I imagine it was pretty pricey.