Friday, October 23, 2009

Shaun Ireland at Spruce Pine Potters Market

Here are a couple of photos of Shaun Ireland and his wonderful folk inspired, wood fired pottery. Check out his web site for more photos of his work and kiln. :

We had a lovely dinner at the seafood buffet at the Eseeola Lodge. I  pigged out on the lobster and stone crabs; but saved room for some of the other goodies. Jim had several trips back to the buffet for extra smoked salmon which he said was the best he's ever had. It was their last night of the buffet for the season; but we'll definitely be back next season.
Woke up with a cold and slightly swollen glands, so I'm playing on the computer, taking lots of vitamins to nip this in the bud, and looking for brussel sprout recipes that Jim might eat.  I found one with orange juice and browned butter and I'll add some pignoli nuts which he likes. Hopefully, I might just get him to at least taste them. The brussel sprouts are ready for  harvest  so I'll probably make them next week with a ham dinner..

After lunch I'll take my stand alone hard drive and head up to my office and transfer files and do some print outs of recipes and other info I want to save in hard copy.

Tonight we're having the leftover potato leek soup, which will be perfect for this rainy, windy day. We have a Netflix comedy "The Proposal"  to watch after dinner. It will be a good night to snuggle in.


  1. Shawn is top notch! He's always been an inspiration for me. That's a great pic of him and Jo.

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