Friday, October 30, 2009

Michael Kline's booth at Spruce Pine Potters Market

Here are a few pictures of Michael Kline's booth from the recent Spruce Pine Potters market. He has the most amazing wood fired pots, with his unique stain/resist and slip decoration.

I thought I had a picture of Cynthia Bringle's booth, but it's not on the computer. Maybe it just didn't upload from the camera. I'll have to check that tomorrow.

I was up at 5am walking Bodhi and glad I didn't sleep in since the day seems to be flying by and I still have some things to do before friends show up for our regular Friday porch sitting (indoors in this weather!).

My pizza dough is on it's first rise, the salami appetizers, stuffed with horseradish flavored cream cheese are done, and all my pizza toppings are ready.  We have some frozen bacon wrapped shrimp that will be easy; and other than making the margaritas as soon as Jim comes back with the Tequila, and putting together the pizza, when guests arrive, the food prep is done.

Jim squeezed the lemon juice for me before he left for his doctors appointment; but he mistakenly thought we had a back up Tequila, so he'll have to stop and pick some up. Fortunately, they just opened an ABC store in Spruce Pine, so he won't have to drive too much out of his way.

I got some of the herbs that I've had drying, removed from them stems, crushed and into bottles. Right now my fingers smell like Thai basil! My indoor  plants need to be watered, the living room has to be tidied, and the pizza dough needs to be punched down and turned over . Then I can hit the shower, feed kitty and relax for a bit with some paper work while I wait for the pizza dough to finish it's second rise.

Jim just arrived with the tequila - time to finish the margarita mix.


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  2. Makes me want a greenhouse again; but I have to resist!