Friday, October 02, 2009

Wood fired pots from Japan trip

Here's another Japan photo - a large group of wood fired pots that had just been unloaded.

Had a lovely drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, to the opening exhibit of Cynthia Bringle and Norm Schulmans work and their induction as North Carolina living treasures. The exhibit was wonderful - a vast amount of work - a lifetimes really - one piece lovelier than the next. I would have taken pictures but there were large signs requesting "no photos". :-(

There were hints of fall color in the distant higher elevations along the drive. I expect that in another week or two we'll have peak color.

It was a long drive, so I suggested we take the shorter route home. Jim was tired and didn't even want to stop and have dinner out, so we just picked up some KFC and headed home, watched the next to last of the National Parks series on PBS and went to bed.

Today I'm taking care of some computer work, pulled a few weeds and harvested some bush beans before the forecasted rain arrives. After a light lunch, I'll be starting on food prep for tonight's porch sitting with good friends.

It doesn't look like I'll get any studio time in today; but I may get down to the basement and get my grow lights and timers set up in advance of bringing in some of my house plants in the next week. My gray card arrived, so I'll also have to think about finding time this coming week to hang my lightbox and get that setup up and tested.

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