Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Planting afternoon - more Japan museum photos

Here are a few more photos from one of the ceramic museums in Japan.

Got my tiny test kiln going this morning for a low bisque (C08) with some test tiles and the new stamps. Found a couple more, small, porcelain bowls that I missed so I'll get those trimmed later, along with a wide shallow bowl I threw during my short studio time yesterday.

First there's lunch, then some planting to do. I have a cold weather, bitter orange citrus from China that I bought on ebay, that I want to plant as well as a crape myrtle. The person who sold me the tree said to bring it indoors for the winter the first couple of years. It was wintered over in my studio last winter and I'm going to take a chance planting it. I'll surround it with a a lot of rocks which will retain the days heat and release it at night and hopefully that will protect it during it's first winter outdoors.

The bitter orange can be used like lemons. I thought it would be fun to grow my own citrus in this zone 6b climate. I have two other citrus - a kumquat and a meyer lemon, that I bring into my studio for the winter. The meyer lemon has only given me a couple of lemons the past two years and so far, nothing from the kumquat. When they flower early spring, I probably should hand pollinate the flowers to get more fruit!

Not sure what dinner is going to be - probably pizza. I may have some dough in the freezer. If not, I'll start a fresh batch right after lunch.

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