Monday, September 21, 2009

Lovely wall sculpture from Japan

Here's another photo from Japan. This is a very strong piece with great texture and a wonderful blend of colors. The artist's name is lost in my long lost trip notes. I remember that we saw his work in his own gallery, which was a storefront, very different than the other potters we visited, who sold their work at their own studios as well as through retail stores.

Well, today I finally got a couple of hours in the studio. A few mugs I had covered over a week or more ago, were leather hard, so I cleaned them up, pulled some handles and got them recovered. I did a bit of cleanup and got the clay mixer going; but the clay had hardened too much, so I added some water and covered it with plastic and will have to let it all sit for a day and try mixing again.

My back is now in spasm just from that little bit of work. This is going to take time. Tomorrow I'll try to throw a few small things and see how that goes.

Fortunately I had a quick dinner planned - pork chops with a cream sherry reduction, some leftover potatoes au gratin and baby peas. Now I'm going to enjoy my glass of wine and watch a Netflix movie, while going over the slides I scanned yesterday. First look at the slides isn't encouraging. The new, cheapie scanner creates bright blue flares on a lot of the scans - very strange. I didn't figure I'd get a quality product, but I didn't expect it to be this lacking. :-(


  1. The piece shown, does it hang? If so how? It is lovely.

    I have a bad back and when it starts to spasm I lie flat on my stomach with my arms beside me for 10 minutes and then I arch up and back propped up on my elbows - this really seems to put my back - back into place but my back problems may be different than yours.

  2. I don't know how it was hung. I would imagine it would either have applied clay bars, indented like the French method; or creating a shallow foot with a couple of holes for wire.
    Thanks for the "spasm trick" I'll have to try that. Usually I just have to lean back and rest.