Saturday, September 26, 2009

Throwing and decorating tools from museum in Japan

Here are a couple of pictures I took at a museum in Japan or various throwing and decorating tools. I'll post a couple more tomorrow.

Yesterday I got a few more various sized bowls and a couple of good sized platters thrown. I was able to center 7 1/2 lbs of soft clay yesterday, without my chest hurting any more than it's been lately, so maybe this bit of exercise is actually helping. After lunch I'll get back to work and do a bit more throwing. The plates from a couple of days ago are not quite firm enough to trim and this wet weather isn't helping.

Fortunately I was able to get out to the Creek Walk craft show in town early and beat the rain, which started on the drive home. I also made a visit to the Crimson Laurel Gallery in town (great craft gallery) and found a Ron Philbeck earthenware plate with his whimsical clothesline drawing, that I just couldn't live without! His work makes me smile. I'm sure this is one of many more of his pieces I will be adding to my collection.

I also stopped at the local farmers market. They had some lovely corno de toro frying peppers which will be part of a light supper one night, sauteed with some garlic, onion, red wine and served on a roll with some mild Italian sausage. I also got some more fresh shitaki mushrooms. They're soooo good!

Tonight, Jim requested a simple pasta tonight, so I'm just making a quickie linguini with clam sauce. He's in a lot of pain right now from a back injury, after lifting a couple of heavy boxes, so we'll have to skip a party we were going to tonight. :-(


  1. Sorry to hear Jim is nursing a sore back. I know how that can be. That's one of the main reasons I throw standing up.

    Every time you write about your menu, I think "That lucky guy!"


  2. Have ever see John Glick's standing, throwing arrangement? He has a padded back support affixed on the wall, if I remember, and he stands with his back against the wall, while throwing. At the workshop I attended, he also handed out a sheet of back exercises. It's long since disappeared; but I think he may have something up on his website.
    I've always had back problems, but also have knee and hip problems, so I can't stand throwing. But when throwing, I try to get up a lot and find some other things to do to break it up. I also have a magnetic belt that works, when I remember to wear it! Right now Jim has dibs on it!

  3. I have problems with my left leg ever since a couple of months ago at work i was limping like crazy. I went to the ER and had a shot of cortozone and had to wear a gertle to this day my leg hurts on and off and i'm 37 and feel like 87....LOL