Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cosmos are in bloom

Here's one of the cosmos currently blooming. There are about 3 colors now - light pink, this intense pink and red, blooming. I think these are probably my favorite annual. The colors are great and they fill in the perennials borders beautifully, at a time in the season when the perennials are looking more than a bit bedraggled. And, I love the way they dance in the wind! I rely on some voluteers each year which I help along by spreading the seeds in various spaces in the garden, which I then thin and replant in the spring.

We're dragging after a very busy day in Johnson City, TN yesterday. On top of it we were a bit over served last night with the wine (Jim poured!). On top of that I had a terrible night's sleep, so I'm going to enjoy this rainy day and not do anything requiring exertion.

After I take my morning vitamins, I'm tackling the recipe filing. I got a new bamboo recipe box yesterday and I'll sort through the equivalent of 6 recipes boxes and take out my most used recipes and put those in the new box.

Tonights dinner will be pizza which should be easy, since I alread have some leftover dough in the freezer that I'll take out this afternoon, so it will just be a matter of chopping and slicing the toppings and forming the pizza. I even have some leftover margarita mix. Have I told you all that margaritas go great with pizza!

We had a pretty good frog strangler rain last night which enabled Jim to check out the newly graded and asphalted driveway. He found a couple of minor spots where they have to come back to add a couple of ridges; but all in all it worked great.


  1. how did you get your cosmos to bloom so beautifully, i only had one pink flower. i have to get a wooden post to keep them up because they grow so tall and they are bent really bad.

  2. I love cosmos and need to grow them again.
    I love the color.

  3. I love cosmos, what a great photograph. Cosmos has always been such a sturdy and prolific bloomer for me, but it needs heat and I think I once read that it is daylight sensitive - less light in the fall makes it bloom. I'll have to reread about that.

  4. I never heard that about them; but they do tend to bloom late. Some of mine have been blooming a week or two.
    It was raining are we're expecting a week of rain, so I don't know if I'll get a chance to take photos of the other colors.

  5. I don't do anything special, other than use a lot of mushroom compost when I plant just about everything. I rarely even fertilize during the growing season, except once in a great while I may throw down some blood meal to keep the bunnies away; or maybe once in the season use some other fertilizer. This season I didn't fertilize at all except for the blood meal and maybe I should have with all this rain.

  6. Hi June, Jason here, to see how the recipes are coming, let u know I lost 30 pounds so far, but didnt gain or lose any this week, but after 5 1/2 weeks its going good. I have yet to find a frame for Jim's pic and also the Pic of Bob Barker to go with it. A question I have to ask to Jim? I noticed on the show when watching on Youtube, Jim's mics changed a lot, how come? This is pertaining to Card Sharks.