Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New texture stamps

Here's a picture of the porcelain, texture stamps I finished yesterday morning. I've been wanting to make more of these and it's one of those studio related jobs on my "to do" list, that I'm finally able to do since I can't throw right now.

It's a beautiful, cool, mountain, morning. I've already picked a pile of weeds and taken some garden photos. Wish I could do more garden work; but I need to heal. Plus I have to save these muscles to finish my other projects today. I'm sore this morning just from cutting foam board yesterday; but I got all the pieces cut and taped for my light box. Jim is feeling better after a good nights sleep, but it's going to take a while for him to heal completely from that bad fall. He has a lot of very colorful scrapes and bruises and very sore ribs and groin - not fun.

Today I need to drill the holes for the U bolts that I'll use to hang the light, get the light fixture inside, and tape the diffusion fabric to the bottom. Then there are the 4 more diffusion boards frames to make and line with the embroidery type backing which I'm using as the diffusion material. And if I can get all that done, I need to make a couple of reflector boards by crunching up some silver foil and applying it to some cardboard.

If I get all that done, then I'll have to work on getting it all set up which entails hammering a lot of nails in to a long strip of wood that will be mounted on the wall and serve as means of adjusting the height of the back drop paper. One more trip to Lowe's hardware for the necessary clamps, and the purchase of a gray board should take care of the last of the things I need to complete the setup.

Not being able to throw or do heavy garden work has allowed me the time to finally tackle this new photo setup project and other things. I'm eager to get it done so I can start taking, what I hopefully expect to be, better photos of my work.


  1. Those are some nice stamps. So sorry to hear about his fall, I hope Jim does much better today.

  2. Thanks! He says he's feeling better today; but he sure has a lot of black and blue marks, abrasions and aches. He was very lucky he didn't break something.

  3. Ouch that smarts. how did he fall?

  4. He was standing on a chair in the closet, reaching up for a hard, plastic, storage box. The chair had a loose pillow and his foot slid on the pillow and down he went - hard, hitting a few things on the way down and landing on the hard plastic box, right into his ribs. Big ouch!