Saturday, September 12, 2009

The old and the new driveway

The drive way is finished and looks great. Here's a shot of the old weedy, gravel driveway and the new, paved version. Now we need a good rain to wash off the remnants of construction. We'll have to do some gravel cleanup later this fall or maybe wait till next spring to see how the gravel filled dirt which they pushed off to the sides, will settle.

This morning I pulled a bunch of weeds, cleaned up one of my grow light tables in the basement and got a seedling planter ready to plant. I want to try growing lettuce under the lights this fall and maybe start more basil so I have a supply through the winter.

I finished the light box and took that down to the basement along with the completed reflector and diffusion boards. So all I have to do now is hang the light box and get a lot of nails evenly spaced on a long thin board and get that screwed into the concrete wall. That will be used to adjust the height of the varitone paper.

We had a nice dinner at the Japanese restaurant. Their version of almond chicken is actually a breaded, fried, chicken cutlet topped with a bit of gravy and almonds. It was very good. In Japan, I had a pork cutlet like this and it delicious.

Before dinner we paid a visit to our children's author friend Janie DeVos who was at TRAC, participating in the book fair and I was able to get an autographed copy of her latest book "How High Can You Fly", for our younger grandchildren. I just love her stories. They are so empowering for children.

Tonight we have friends coming over for a nacho and margarita porch sitting, so I'll be cleaning off the porch and taking the recently dug potatoes that I've had drying there, down to the basement for winter storage. I'll also be chopping veggies for the guacamole and nachos while watching the US Open tennis, if it's not rained out again. If I get that done early, I'll plant some of the lettuce and some spinach seeds. My dining rooms looks like a seed store with boxes of seeds and I'll probably go through some of them to pick out what I need and store the rest away and recipes to file, if there's time. There's always plenty to do!

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  1. The Driveway looks great and send them Margarita's my way i could use them after a busy reserves weekend....LOL