Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Japan photos

Since I have long ago misplaced my Japan trips notes, I can only guess the location of some of these photos. I think these are from the Arita area. Here's a photo of the porcelain deposit. Wouldn't it be lovely to have this in your own back yard!

I still wonder why I didn't buy this set of bowls. They were really lovely and so usable for desserts, snacks, etc. By that time, I was probably already overloaded with my various purchases.

We're enjoying the cool, foggy morning after a super busy day yesterday. I got a couple of weeding sessions in, got rid of a lot of small potted things that never made it into the garden for lack of space or energy, tidied the house and did a lot of organizing and food prep for our porch sitting with friends Lisa, Bob and their delightful daughter Izzy.

Lisa brought us one of her lovely, black and white slip decorated, incised vases, filled with flowers. It's a gift to treasure! She is an amazing artist and an equally amazing person, as is her husband Bob.

Jim was equally busy yesterday and we've decided to just vegg out today. After breakfast he'll pick up the Sunday papers and we'll do our couch potato imitation reading the papers, and watching the US Open tennis. I have the perfect sit down project for the day - sorting and filing a huge pile of recipe cards and clippings. This injury to my chest has given me this gift of time to do all these little organizing projects. I sometimes wonder if I manifested that fall so that I could finally get around to doing these things!

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