Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mashiko, Japan

Here's a photo of the public rest rooms in Mashiko, Japan. Mashiko is a potters paradise and was the home of two of Japan's National Living treasures, the late Shoji Hamada and Tatsuzo Shimaoka. I'll be posting more photos of their potteries in the next few days.

We're experiencing another glorious day in the mountains. This morning we did a quick visit to the farmers market for some goodies. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to make tomorrow with the shitake mushrooms I bought - probably do a Chinese stir fry stir dish. Tonight we have leftover ribs and I have some beans from the garden which I'll augment with some I got this morning. My second bean planting is just starting to produce, so it looks like I'll have some for the freezer if I can keep the bunnies and deer away from the plants.

Yesterday I overdid the gardening and was pretty sore last night; but I was happy to find that I'm not any worse for wear today, which is a good sign that I'm starting to heal.

I got my diffusion panels for the new photo set up finished last night and after lunch I'm going to get the light box drilled and get the U bolts in and see if I can figure out how to attach, and suspend the light and reflector inside the light box so I can close get the diffusion fabric attached and get the whole thing hung.

My friend Lisa is coming over in a while with a bag of grapes. Her deer weren't as voracious as ours and she is sharing some of her bounty.So it looks like I might just get to make some grape jelly this year!

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