Monday, September 28, 2009

Interesting ware board and shelving from Japan

Here are a few examples of some interesting ware board/shelving arrangements I saw in Japan. Seeing Michael Klines "no more horizontal studio space" message today, prompted me to dig up these photos. When you run out of floor space - look skyward, like the last photo in this set.

Got some studio time yesterday. Only one plate was firm enough to trim; but more should be ready today. This morning, I uncovered all the drying pots waiting for trimming and it looks like there are several firm enough to trim. I also want to get the new stamps I made a while back, bisqued, along with some test tiles, today in one of my tiny test kilns. I'll probably skip throwing today and give myself some healing time. Instead, I'll try to weigh out some glaze tests.

Had Mexican food with friends last night. The food is mediocre but they do make a decent frozen margarita. Tonight, we're eating in - fettucine alfredo with the addition of fresh shitake mushrooms sauteed with some garlic and shallots, and a nice red wine to cut the effects of this heart attack special! It will make a nice comfort food dinner on this damp cloudy day. Our heat actually came on this morning, so I guess fall is finally here.


  1. good use of whatever is handy including space and hot air rises so they'll dry quicker.

  2. It is nippy here today as well. I have mixed emotions about the cool weather- like it but I will miss some of the summer.