Friday, September 25, 2009

Shiro Otani's kiln

If memory serves, this is Shiro Otani's kiln in Japan. I purchased a really sweet sake cup from him. One of the things I remember from the visit to this pottery was the large amount of empty beer bottles laying on the ground near the kiln. These wood firings get pretty toasty!

Another foggy mountain morning. It rained overnight and more showers and possible thunderstorms are expected. I feel bad for the artists participating in our local Creek Walk craft show tomorrow and Sunday. The temperature tomorrow is dropping down to the low 60's and it's going to be raining - not fun for visitors or participants.

Today I'll get some more studio time. The few plates/platters were finally dry enough last night to invert; but I re-covered them along with a couple of other small pots. We turned the propane heater pilot back on and I find that it actually can make the studio warm enough to dry out pots too quickly this time of year.

Studio work is slow going with my chest still aching if I over do it; but I have been able to center 5-6 lbs of very soft clay, which is why I made a few plates and platters. Today I think I'll throw some more mugs and small jars with the soft reclaim and maybe in another week or so I'll be able to use firmer clay.

Time for breakfast and on to the studio.


  1. I met Shiro at UT Knoxville, while he was a visiting artist in 1981?. Also he taught at Arrowmont a few times and built the anagama there. Small world. Thanks.

  2. I'm not sure which trip to Japan, we visited his studio. I was there in 82 and then again, a few years later. Darn, but I wish I could find some of my trip notes!

  3. Hi June its Jason, checking in on my weekly visit to the site, beautiful pics from Japan, and also those flowers from the other posts from the last four days. To this day im 37 pounds lighter, current weight is 233, 63 more to go for my goal. Also on youtube an episode of Card Sharks was uploaded featuring a cameo appearance of Sean when he was 15, seems as though he was very camera shy when Jim brought him up on stage, lol.

  4. Thanks for all the Japanese pictures. I hope that you fell better soon. Oh, I've learned never to read your blog when I'm hungry:O}

  5. Thanks Jay, I found it and showed Jim and sent the link to our son and his wife. We don't have any videos of him at that age, so it was wonderful for us to see.

  6. Thanks Craig. I'm back in the studio and getting a bit of throwing done with really soft clay, so the torn muscles are healing, albeit slowly.

  7. Ur quite welcome June, tell Jim if he needs any other things from You Tube that pertain to him let me know, in fact lots of full episodes of Card Sharks are there including first and last, and the first show with the double push rule.