Monday, September 14, 2009

Not quite the last rose of summer

Now that the evenings have cooled a bit, the roses have decided to come back into bloom. Here's one of my heirlooms - lovely pink and peach color as well as a wonderful scent.

We took advantage of this beautiful weather to get out of the house, have lunch at the golf course and do some chores. I got a new, cast iron dutch oven to use for baking bread using the no knead method, did some food and wine shopping.

When we got home I had to get my sourdough starter fed. I'm a bit concerned since I haven't fed it for about a month; but it is showing some sign of life, but not as much as I would like. I hope I haven't killed it with neglect. A few more hours at room temperature should let me know if there's enough life in it to make some my bread.

We're now enjoying the US Open men's final. Looks like it's going to be a good match.

I have some snail mail to read after dinner and maybe I can get to one of the projects that I didn't get to yesterday - filing a large number of recipe cards.


  1. I see u spend lots of time at the golf course, do u two play golf when u have free time?

    Hope u also make lots of good tasting bread June, fresh homemade bread is always tastier than store bought.

  2. We don't play golf at all - just go there for lunch or dinner.

  3. that is a very beautiful rose, i love roses. By the way ask jim does he remember the movie called "The Great American Traffic Jam". He made a cameo role with Wink Martindale, Jack Clark and other fellow game show hosts as a golfer. I have the VHS Movie from several months ago. Very funny movie. Send more rose pictures i love them.