Monday, September 07, 2009

Tasui Shimaoka's studio

Here are a couple of photos of Tasui Shimaoka's studio in Mashiko, Japan. He graciously did a throwing demonstration for us. Unfortunately a lot of my photos, as you can see, are pretty bad quality. Shimaoka's father was a rope maker, and impressed rope designs are one of the trademarks of his work. Tomorrow I'll post a couple of examples of his work.

Yesterday was a cooking day. I got 7 jars of grape jelly made with the grapes my friend Lisa brought over Saturday. Unfortunately, I was prepared to do the easy freezer version, only to find that I needed special freezer jars, which I didn't have. So I had to do the traditional canning method. I just hope that the balance of juice and sugar and pectin that I used for freezer jelly will work with the hot bath method. I'll find out later when I test it.

The fettucine with the sauteed garlic, onion and shitake mushrooms was great and we have leftovers for another day. Tonight I'm doing cajun shrimp - easy, spicy and delicious.

I'm not sure what the day holds. Last night I was so tired I didn't work on the light box, and this morning I woke up with swollen glands again and am still tired.

We're expecting showers most of the day so there won't be any weeding. My chest is still very sore when I try to do too much, so I'm going to put throwing on hold. Maybe I'll head to the studio this afternoon and weight up some glaze tests. Or, if I don't perk up I might just watch the US Open tennis, load up on vitamins, cook and do my couch potato imitation the rest of the time.


  1. Cajun Shrimp sounds great, I wonder If I could work it into Weight Watchers?

    I have a great receipe for Peanut Butter Snacks u might like, I have an idea, u share some gardening hints to me and I will share great receipes and if its ok, maybe Jim can send me a Photo of Him, I know he is computer shy, and well I have written posts to both u and him, so maybe we can touch base, since I have a lot of unanswered Card Sharks Questions. Please note I am not a reporter or web site desinger, but I do run a radio show club on yahoo groups.Just a big fan showing my apperciation to ur wonderful Husband who I think was the best host of any game show He hosted.

  2. The pictures look lovely june,hey send some of them jellies how many jellies did you alll make?

  3. I got 7 1/2 jars. Love the way the house smells when you're cooking all those grapes.

  4. Doubt if it work work on Weight watchers. It's loaded with butter. :-(
    Jim has never used a computer and I doubt if he ever will. He loves his luddite status LOL.
    Give me your name and address and I'll have him send you a picture. Once this batch of photos is gone he has no intention of getting any more.

  5. Well Ok June, My Name is

    Jason DeCanio
    642 Britons Court
    Oviedo Fl, 32765

    Well actually the recipe has maragine in it so the peanut butter is probably the only thing in there that would add points plus they are very small balls and 2 or 3 should satisfy.
    Card Sharks Question I have is: Did Jim know the actual number of people they surveyed in each question?