Sunday, September 06, 2009

Having tea with Shimaoka

Here are a couple of pictures from one of my Japan trips. Here are some shots of the entry to Tasui Shimaoka's home in Mashiko. He had the kiln unloaded that morning and invited us all in to have tea with him. Tomorrow I'll post some other photos of his studio area.

My friend Lisa brought me a bag of grapes yesterday, so I'll try to get some grape jelly made after breakfast. We had a nice, porch sitting visit with her, and sent her off with some veggies from our garden.

At the farmers market yesterday I got some fresh shitake mushrooms which I'll saute with some onions and garlic and use for tonight's fettucine Alfredo.

Yesterday I got a lot of weeding in and didn't have much time or energy for anything more than some cooking and computer work. After I get the jelly made, I'll spend a quiet afternoon reading the Sunday papers and watch the US Open tennis while I work on resizing and editing some of the slides I scanned.

I didn't get the light box finished yesterday. The day just slipped away and once dinner was over I was too tired to do anything more than retrieve the U bolts and drill and mark the top of the light box where I'll drill the holes for the U bolts.

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  1. Hi June,
    (Hope this comment doesn't appear lots of times, I'm having difficulty leaving one on your site for some reason. I think blogspot is misbehaving. Others may be experiencing similar trouble, so if you are not seeing as many comments as usual, there could be technical issues)
    Really sorry to read a few posts ago of both you and Jim having falls, and that you are still finding it difficult and painful to work. It must be enormously frustrating for you. Good for you keeping the blog going and posting all those interesting photos. It must have been a wonderful experience visiting Tasui Shimaoka's home in Mashiko.
    Hope you are both feeling much better soon.