Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pink Japanese anemones

Here are my pink Japanese Anemones. They aren't as tall as the white ones and their faces aren't turned up like the white versions I have; but the color is a nice addition to the bed.

The crew finally arrived to do the road. I just love the sound of those graders! If all goes well, the road will be finished by Saturday and they say we can drive on it by that afternoon. I can't wait!

Yesterday was an all day trip to Asheville for shopping and a big lunch at the Indian buffet. I had some vegetarian minestrone for dinner that I got at Green Life and Jim opted for the not so healthy, pate and a really lovely, ripe cambert for dinner. The grain sweetened raisins made for a nice dessert while watching the US Open tennis.

This morning I got some weeding done. I can only pick the easy weeds, and Jim is still in no condition to pull the stubborn ones either, so I'm just removing the weed heads on those until one of us can pull them out. I'm doing a lot of computer work. It would take me a full month of doing nothing but computer work to get caught up with all these photo files, and finish uploading the rest of the files and software on to this new computer. Once I put the garden to bed, there will be time to deal with it all.

Not sure what I want to do with the rest of the day - probably tape the diffusion fabric on the bottom of the light box, and maybe start on alphabetizing recipe cards and organizing the recipe boxes. The others are full and I found a nice, big, old, wooden one on ebay that should enable me to get all of these neatly stored. These are good jobs to do while sitting and watching and listening to the US Open tennis.


  1. Do they come in different colors those types of flowers June, my mom likes the purple ones, just wondering if they have different colors?

  2. Hi June its Jason. I got the Pic of Jim in the mail today, as always ur husband takes a great photo pic, and It looks like the pic on his Book the Sleeper Awakes which I have a copy of. Im going to frame it with my Bob Barker Picture as well. MMM Japanese sounds good tonight, enjoy. Thanks again.