Wednesday, September 09, 2009

More Shimaoka pottery pictures

Here's a picture of Tatsui Shimaoka signing the box for the slab bottle I purchased during that visit. The other pictures are his kiln and wood shed. Some of the potters in Japan use 100 year old red pine to fire their anagama and noborigama kilns because of the long flame that it provides. In recent years Japan's anti pollution laws have closed down a lot of these wood kilns except for those potters who can afford the six figure cost of installing anti pollution devices to these kilns.

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment and she verified what I already figured, that I have some torn tissue in my chest from that fall. This is a slow healing process so I'm using my time for other things other than heavy duty studio and gardening work.

My last light and reflector arrived yesterday and it matches the other two, so now I can close up the light box. I still haven't ordered the gray card- the last item I need from my photo class list.

Today is a "go to town" day - shopping and lunch in Asheville. We have some great food stores like Earth Fare, the Fresh Market, etc. and it's time to stock the larder.

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