Friday, September 11, 2009

Assorted photos in and around Mashiko, Japan

Here are a few more photos from in and around Mashiko, Japan, The statues I believe, are some type of memorial. We saw this walking from behind Shimaoka's studio, on the way to visiting a couple of other Mashiko potters. The storage pots are from one of the pottery shops in Mashiko.

The last wood storage picture is from Shimaoka's pottery.

The driveway grading is almost finished and they'll start applying the asphalt in a bit. We'll be able to drive on it tomorrow afternoon. Yeah!

Once the driveway is usable, I intend to get back into the studio and do whatever these healing muscles will allow me to do. Even though I always have a lot of other projects to keep me busy, I get a little squirrely if I'm away from the studio too long. Plus, kitty Bonnie only has freedom in the studio or our bathroom and laundry room area, and she isn't happy with the current restrictions either.

It's raining lightly outside, so I won't get in any weeding. I had hoped to check the sweet potatoes and see if I could harvest them; but that will have to wait. Maybe I'll get my indoor herb planter replanted with some new potting soil and get it back into my kitchen green house window.

Tonight we're having dinner at the Japanese restaurant with friends after a reception at the writers conference in Burnsville..

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