Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No knead sourdough this morning

Here's the no knead sourdough dough that I baked this morning. My friend John Britt told me about this method and referred me to you tube where there's a video of the recipe and technique. So after watching the video, I went out to Walmart and bought a round, iron, lidded pot to bake the bread. The woman on the video took the no knead method and adapted it to using sour dough starter. The bread, when baked in the closed environment of the pot, comes out super crunchy. I had a problem with it though, and it didn't rise and I think I've baked a door stop!

The bread batch was more like batter this morning, so I kept folding in more flour till I could get it to at least hold it's shape a bit. I followed the directions and amounts exactly, so I'm going to have to watch that video a couple more times and triple check my ingredient list. If it's still too wet the night before, I'll add more flour then. The good news for me was that I was able to bring back life to my neglected sour dough starter. I hadn't fed it in about a month, since my accident, but after about 3 feedings yesterday, it came back to life.

This won't be a garden or studio day. We got a bunch of chores to do this morning, then on to Johnson City for lunch at a new (for us) Indian Buffet, then more food shopping at Sam's Club, and a few other stops.

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