Friday, September 18, 2009

Light Pink Cosmos

The rain let up enough for me to take quick trip to the garden and get a couple of photos. Here's a light pink cosmos - not as brilliant as the darker pink; but it has it's own charm.

It was an out to breakfast, followed by more grocery shopping morning. Living in the country, I find that I often have to go to several stores in two states to find what I need and sometimes even that doesn't guarantee I'll be successful. Today it was fresh tarragon that eluded me as well as chervil - not even dried chervil to be found. I'll have to check the garden later and see if my tarragon has survived the heat and rain this summer, otherwise I'm going to have to use dried which isn't the best choice for the shrimp recipe I'm planning as an appetizer tomorrow.

Yesterday was spent going through recipe clippings and cleaning them up a bit, throwing some out and filing others. I need another day or even two, to finish. It will be a good Sunday and evening project next week. Monday I'm planning on finally getting into the studio. It's been way too long!

This afternoon I'm going to do some food prep for tomorrows dinner and get the house tidied up a bit.


  1. The light pink one is pretty as well as the dark one. When do ever take along break Theonly one tha seems to be growing better is my indoor mini roses and my green pepper plants.

  2. I love the look of those miniature roses - so sweet looking; but I won't buy one until they come up with some that actually smell like roses!