Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kurashiki Japan and some pieces from the Folk Art Museum

Here is a photo of the town of Kurashi, Japan. Kurashiki has the most wonderful museums. My favorite was the folk art museum. I saw Leach, Hamada, Cardew, etc pots in this museum as well as a wonderful collection of other crafts. Here are a couple of some of the crafts I was able to photograph.

Had a great visit with our son yesterday. After dinner we headed for the porch and solved the problems of the world over 3 bottles of wine (for 3 people), till 12:30am. Needleless to say, I'm moving very slowly this morning.

I made him a big breakfast at 8 am and sent him off to Nashville for his meetings. We're eating later and opting for just some rye toast after all that eating last night.

Workers just arrived to replace the motor in our less than one year old bedroom wing heating unit. We were lucky to have someone here checking something else yesterday, when he noticed a funny sound coming from the unit, and said he thought it was under warranty.

Hopefully I'll perk up after breakfast and get in some studio time. I don't have to cook tonight other than sauteing some mushrooms to top off the leftover mushroom bisque. After several nights of meat this week, I'm ready for a no meat, soup and salad, meal.

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