Friday, September 04, 2009

Beautiful bamboo entry gate in Japan

It's another beautiful morning, so after breakfast I'm going to get in some garden time to plant a few fall veggies and do a bit of weeding. I still can't do too much while my chest heals but it is healing, albeit, slowly.

Yesterday was spent in Johnson City getting a lot of shopping done and having lunch at Cheddars. Jim didn't have any trouble driving; but getting in and out of the car was difficult; but he is feeling better and healing pretty quickly from that bad fall.

Here's one of my favorite shots of Japan. It's this amazing bamboo gate and entry. I wish I could remember where it is, but I've long ago misplaced my Japan notes.

I got the clamps and the rest of the foam core board for my photo project and just have a bit more work to do on the diffusion panels. The main parts of the panels are put together and I just have to cut out and attach the stands this afternoon. I'll do that while I watch more of the US Open tennis. I should also be able to finish the light box as well. The main form is done other than getting the light inside and taping the fabric on the bottom and attaching the U bolts for hanging.

Last night I ordered the last reflector and bulb. I forgot to order the gray card, so I'll have to do that this morning. That will complete all the parts I need to complete the setup. Everything should be here in a few days. By then I'll have hung the light box and gotten the backdrop paper hung; and I'll be ready to take photos!

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