Friday, July 31, 2009

Morning glories taking over the rose arbor

The hotter weather slowed down the roses on the arbor; but the morning glories came in to fill in the color.

I got a few hours in the studio yesterday and kitty Bonnie wasn't too much of a distraction. I threw a tumbler just to see what her reaction to the wheel would be, but she totally ignored it. It would be nice if that continues. My old cat Shino, would attack the spinning clay!

Bonnie found a big, shallow, plastic container with dry, scrap clay and it looked like she was starting to use it as a litter box, so I quickly removed her and added water to it to let it slake, and will put it in the clay mixer at some point today. She's starting to explore the studio a bit more, jumping higher on to shelves, tables and ware carts, and I'm very quickly finding the things I have to move, that can get her in trouble.

My studio time was spent mainly on paper work - got all the scraps of glaze recipes and some other papers sorted and into numerical order and into various folders. I brought another big folder into the house after wards, hoping to work on it after dinner; but I had a strong headache and the last thing I wanted to do was to sort through unrelated, tiny scraps of paper, so I watched one of my Netflix movies, ordered a new larger, graduated background paper for my photography setup, did some computer clean up work, watched some late night tennis and went to bed.

Since they've changed the weather forecast for today and the rain isn't coming in till later, we've decided to go out for lunch and do some pick up shopping. There's a plant I'm looking for and a wine Jim is hoping he can find locally. We're taking our dog Bodhi with us so lunch is going to be a aMacDonald's car picnic, since we can't leave him in the car in this heat. Unlike our late dog Shanti, he loves the car. He also doesn't mind the hamburger treat that goes along with these summer outings.


  1. We really enjoy it. The New Dawn rose has been in about 3 years and this year it finally took off. I expect as the weather starts to cool a bit more next month, that we might get another big flush of blooms.