Monday, July 20, 2009

Pie making time and C10R test tiles

Here's another group of Cone 10 Reduction test tiles. You can find recipes and names at my web page:

After seeing the weather report this morning, I decided this was the day for making a peach pie and maybe figure out what to do with the rest of these now, ripened peaches.

Yesterday was a tiring shopping day - driving to Johnson City and hitting 3 large stores for various hardware, office and other supplies, followed by a nice dinner at Red Lobster. I had hoped to go to the Southern Highland Craft show but we were both tired in the morning and by afternoon we decided it was better to get all those chores done. It was a great day to shop. There was hardly anyone in any of the stores on the Sunday afternoon. Jim cat napped while I did all my shopping. I got the foam core board at Michaels for making a light box. That will be tonight's project - measuring and cutting those pieces.

I have to get on line later and buy one more lamp and daylight fluorescent bulb for the light box. No local stores carry the higher intensity version of these bulbs.

Well, time to start peeling those peaches which I originally intended to start right after breakfast.

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