Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peach pie

Here's the peach pie I made yesterday. I hadn't made a pie in quite a while and forgot just how labor intensive it is. How did my grandmother make all those pies, keep a garden, can, do laundry without our modern washing machines or dryers, no permanent press clothing, no frozen foods, cook on a wood stove, clean house, etc! With all my gadgets I still feel like I have less free time than she had!

I think these computers, for as wonderful as they are, really do eat up a lot of our time that we would be spending on doing all those other more creative and more productive things.

Yesterday, I got in the garden long enough to pull a few weeds, harvest more summer squash (what am I goin to do with it all!). The freezers are pretty maxed out but I'm hoping I can get some of it in small baggies and find some little spaces to squeeze them in. I sauteed some of the thickly julienned zucchini in olive oil and garlic with some fresh chopped basil and parsley last night, which is one of the few ways Jim actually enjoys summer squash.

Tonight is pizza night, so I'll get started on my dough after breakfast. I've got some real Buffalo mozzarella that I got at the Italian deli in Cornelius last week, that I'm eager to try. Jim likes pepperoni on his half and I found some at Earth Fare that doesn't have all those preservatives.

By the time dinner was over, I was too tired to start on my light box project; and I was fast asleep halfway through the Anthony Bourdain show. For the past week I've been super tired and really having to force myself to do anything. The leftover flu bug from months ago comes back every time I tired myself with too much hard, physical work. Maybe it's just old age telling me to slow down a bit.


  1. OMG Peach Pie June you have made the best pie in the world and i miss eating it. Send some over to jersey.....LOL!!

  2. BUmmer tell jim he's killing me LOL. Not even a slice???

  3. Pie's all gone. :-(
    Last night we had peach gelato. We're soon going to be peached out!