Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some of gifts of the garden

Here's a photo of some of yesterdays harvest.
I'm definitely in squash hell - need to find a food bank, fast! The freezers are maxed out and so are our squash appetites. It's here if anyone wants to pick it up today or tomorrow. Just let me know.
Yesterday was a very productive day. I'm definitely feeling like this bug is going, going, and almost gone. I got in the garden for two hours and planted a bunch of annuals, another Russian sage,did a some weeding, dug up a few more potatoes and picked tomatoes, squash and the first bush and pole beans.
A raccoon or deer knocked over my one, mature corn stalk, but only nibbled on the not quite ripe, ear of corn. The new corn seedlings seem to have been left alone, for now.
I made pizza again, for dinner. That was the last of the current dough which was in the fridge because there was no room in the freezer, so we wound up having pizza three nights this week. We had home made banana ice cream for dessert and then enjoyed a relaxing night of TV starting with the Brit coms on PBS, followed by Inspector Poirot. I fell asleep mid way but Jim filled me in on the ending this morning - the husband did it!
Overnight, some critter or critters attacked our biggest peach tree and there are only a few peaches left, which I'll pick later. I have to keep remembering that it's best to share! The culprit broke a good sized branch a couple of days ago and we cut it off yesterday. Fortunately, the break didn't damage the trunk.
I must be ready to get back in the studio. I dreamed I was throwing bowls last night; but I'm giving myself one more day of heavy vitamin therapy and hopefully Bonnie and I can get into the studio tomorrow.
We just got back from breakfast and a shopping run at Walmart. My almost thirty year old watch finally died and it was time for a replacement. I got a couple of new toys for Bonnie - just for the studio, so I don't have to schlepp all her stuff into the studio when I take her in there with me for the day.


  1. shame you can't mail the

  2. Tomatoes already?? I'm jealous it will be another week or so at my house.

  3. Sarah, I would have thought you'd be getting tomatoes before us. You're on the river and a bit further south than us. Maybe I got some of mine in earlier. I do tend to push it a bit.