Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pizza last night

Last night was pizza night. Jim's side is the one with all the anchovies and mine is the veggie, with extra cheese side.

We stayed up late watching Miss Marple followed by the end of the Boston Pops 4th of July concert. We missed the concert but saw the fireworks which were spectacular!

It was raining when I walked Bodhi at 6am, so I'm not sure I'll get any gardening n this afternoon. If not, I may just get into the studio for a bit.

We'll be having breakfast with Wimbledon again this morning. This is the last day of the tournament and I'm hoping it will be good final. The women's final wasn't great. Venus Williams play was very flat. Fortunately the women's semi final with Serena was one of the best woman's matches ever!

Time to think about getting started on breakfast, watch the tennis, then make my cornbread and get an early start on cooking tonight's supper - spicy beans.


  1. eating at your house must be fun... love anchovies and those spicy beans sound enticing too

  2. I posted the spicy bean recipes here on the blog. It's probably way down in the messages, somewhere!
    As for me, I like my pizza pretty plain, with maybe a couple of veggies; but I prefer my anchovies on Caesar salad and a pasta, broccoli dish I made with and olive oil, garlic, anchovy sauce.